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OmniUpdate Concierge Program services provided by Stamats include the following:

Service Category: Accessibility
Service Type: WCAG and 508 Compliance Testing
Estimated Hours: 4

Customer Requirements: none


  • Quality assurance documentation that provides an overview of your site's WCAG and 508 compliance, targeting the home page and key landing pages
  • Recommendations on what to fix and how
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Service Category: Content Strategy
Service Type: Content Style Guide
Estimated Hours: TBD

Customer Requirements:

  • Identification of key content providers
  • Facilitation of 8-hour campus visit by Stamats


  • Document that guides end users through the process of creating quality content, primarily writing copy—high-quality content is user-centered, easily scanned, aligned with institutional goals, consistent across the site, not a word longer than it needs to be, supports accurate search, and is current— most institutions rely on a distributed network of content creators; this style guide helps that network achieve and maintain the standards your site needs
  • A brief introduction to best practices for web copy
  • Details on how your specific institutional goals and brand values should guide content
  • A description of the target voice for your institution, including variations for specific audiences
  • Audience/message matrix: This expands the audience information from the strategic brief, showing how each audience benefits from different aspects of the institution
  • Anatomy of the five pages for tone, showing how they demonstrate this advice
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Service Category: Content Strategy
Service Type: User Personas
Estimated Hours: TBD 

Customer Requirements:

  • Survey completion
  • In-person interviews
  • Group discussions
  • Quantitative research

Deliverables: Personalized profiles for each of your target users to help create content that motivates site visitors to complete the tasks you (and they) most care about. The individualized profiles act as a stand-in for each audience type. Information may include:

  • Key website tasks
  • Social media accounts frequently used
  • Technology comfort level
  • Features they like most on websites
  • Website features they find annoying
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Service Category: Digital Marketing
Service Type: PPC Assessment
Estimated Hours:35

Customer Requirements: Give Stamats access to your analytics and AdWords account(s)


  • Paid search audit and recommendations addressing the overall structure of up to four PPC campaigns with regard to ad groups, keywords, and search network choices in accordance with Google best practices
  • Keyword diagnostic, including quality scores
  • Review of PPC landing pages, ad copy, competitive metrics, and additional PPC opportunities not currently being utilized
  • Written report of results and recommendations with guidance on how to implement any PPC updates, and resources to help you monitor the campaign moving forward
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